Lewes Homebrew Club

We are a friendly group of homebrewers who meet monthly to sample each others beers and chat about brewing, growing hops, and more.
We welcome brewers of all skill levels and ages.

About Lewes Homebrew Club

Who can come along?

Anyone with an interest in home brewing – from beginners through to experts, hop-forward IPA brewers to traditional best bitter makers. If you brew or are interested in doing so and would like to meet other brewers in the area, why not come along?

Do I have to pay to attend?

No, there’s no charge. If you want to say thanks to the pub for hosting us you can certainly buy a drink at the bar.

How many people attend?

To date there’s been as many as 10 and as few as 3. Currently, there are 6-7 regulars and we hope to increase that as more people find out about us. Two of our regulars come from as far as Brighton and welcome people from all around Sussex.

What happens on the night?

Arrive by 7:30pm, get a beer from the bar, general chat.

From around 7:45pm – homebrew sampling. We start with low-ABV pale beers, working up to dark strong beers, with cider somewhere in between. In each case we ask the brewer for a quick intro to what they've brought, then open for questions about the recipe, process, etc., which often leads to other discussions. We aim to spend no more than 10 minutes per beer, depending on how many there are to get through. The emphasis is on sharing – every beer being an opportunity to learn. We keep things friendly and supportive (for both the successful and less successful results!).

Conclude sampling around 10:00pm. Grab a final beer from the bar, general chat.

Should I bring my home brew? What if I don’t have any, or I don’t want to?!

If you’ve made something you want to share, bring it along – people will be happy to try it. It doesn’t have to be your best brew – sometimes tasting the ones that didn’t quite work out can be just as interesting. And you certainly don’t need to bring anything. If you feel bad about trying people’s brews without bringing your own you can always buy a bottle from the bar to share around.

I’m driving or don’t want to drink.

That's perfectly fine. You can still join in on the general chat, ask questions and learn, or give advice.

Is this just about beer? I brew cider/wine/mead/etc.

Most of the focus tends to be on beer, but all brewers are welcome. To date we’ve had makers of ciders, wines, liqueurs and even spirits. Quite often some of our brewers bring in ciders in particular.

What’s the history of the group?

Originally known as the Southdowns Homebrew Club, the inaugural meeting took place in June 2013, organised by Chris, Besh and Tony. Chris was originally responsible for confirming meeting dates and being the primary attendee, and as of October 2014 this is being done by Richard A.

Are there any other home brewing groups in the area?

Yes, there’s a group in Brighton that started in October 2014 and meets monthly. Check out the Brighton Homebrewers Facebook group for details.

Venue: The Brewers Arms

The Brewers Arms is a family owned and run free house situated on the high street of the historic market town of Lewes in East Sussex.

Useful Homebrewing Resources

"A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure."

Czech Proverb

Join us!

We meet at 7:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at The Brewers Arms.
Bring along your latest brew or two, or a commercial beer, or simply bring yourself!
We welcome brewers of all skill levels and ages, and those of you who are thinking about starting out with the hobby.

Thank you!

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